Sugar Free Icing Sugar

About a year ago, I ( Liz ) found myself in a quandary. I wanted to make a certain recipe, but it called for icing sugar. Unfortunately, since I wanted to choose the healthier route, I couldn't use the powdered sugar. So I went on Pinterest and searched around...and tada I found what I was looking for!! A recipe for sugar free icing sugar! Isn't Pinterest awesome?

All you need is a blender, sugar substitute of choice (I use xylitol or splenda) and cornstarch.

For every cup of sugar substitute add about a tbsp of cornstarch. Measurements don't have to be exact for this recipe. The cornstarch is mainly there to keep the sugar from clumping over time. And you can't really put in too much sugar!

Add ingredients to your blender and start it up! Blend until the sugar is a fine powder.

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  We'd love to hear what you all thought of this recipe for those who tried it. :)

Liz & Sarah

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