8 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits

1. Always Have a Fruit Bowl on the Table
Doing this can really help to remind you throughout the day to have at least of piece of fruit. Remember… “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”!

2. Have a Pitcher of Water on the Table with a Few Glasses
This really helps to remind you to stay hydrated. Remember to drink a few glasses each day.
Add some slices of a lemon, lime, or your favorite fruit to the water to add a bit of a kick!

3. Don’t Keep White Sugar in Your House
Instead keep a sugar substitute such as coconut sugar, stevia, xylitol, or Splenda. Along with that you could have brown sugar and/or honey. This can help remind you that you can, indeed, make an amazing dessert without white sugar!

4. Avoid Having White Bread in Your House 
I think the general consensus is that white bread is not good for you. So let's just skip going through all the reasons why and stick to that statement. Thus we recommend not keeping it in your house, otherwise you will be tempted to eat it! Instead, buy (or make!) good quality whole wheat bread, or for anyone who is gluten free there are different GF options out there for you, as well.

5. Assemble Your Favorite Smoothie Ingredients in Ziploc Bags and Freeze
This way you’ll be able to make your favorite smoothie in no time, which allows you for a healthy meal when you’re on a time constraint.

Go ahead and make up some more bags of fruit to pull out and heat on the stove for a quick and healthy dessert, as well!

6. Make a Schedule for Your Day
If you have a schedule that includes a workout, bike ride, or your favorite form of exercise you’ll be much more likely to do it each day.

7. Plan Your Meals At The Beginning of Each Week
Plan your meals and if you have time make them at the beginning of the week and store in plastic containers in the fridge or in the freezer, if the the food easily goes past its best. That way you won't be tempted to make your last meal of the day the least healthy, and you can quickly grab it from the fridge and and heat it up. Suggestions: chicken, rice, beans, and broccoli, or a salad with a stir fry.

8. Keep a Binder of Your Favorite Healthy Recipes
This is another way to help you keep on track with healthy eating. If you have a lot of different recipes right in your kitchen for dinners, snacks, breakfasts, desserts, etc. then you’ll be more likely to use them if they’re all in one place. You can use page dividers to separate main meal from breakfast, etc. to make it even easier to find your favorite salad. :)

* * * *

Let us know in the comments below or via social media if you've learned to do any of these tips and how they've helped you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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Liz & Sarah


  1. Those are great tips!
    Naomi A
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