Fall Carrot Soup

Ah, fall is definitely in the air. Another reason why I just needed to share my favorite soup recipe!

It's quick, simple, and it'll warm you right down to your toes. ;)

Fall Carrot Soup


Sauté 1 small garlic and 1 medium onion

Add 5 cups. H2O broth and any kind of bouillon of your choice ( I used veggie )

Add 2 and 1/2 sliced carrots

1/4 cup rice

Parsley (amount of your choice) chopped


Bring to boil for 20-25 min covered. Spoon into blender and then purée. I like to have carrot chunks left in my soup so if you do to - don't purée for long. Add salt. (optional)

Note: this serves 4-5 people


You're done! A delicious side dish would be our Classic Caesar Salad.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weeks, guys! Don't forget to try this easy and amazing soup this week. :)

Sarah & Liz