12 Easter Recipe Ideas

Easter is almost here, guys! Have you planned your menu yet? If not, or you still want to add a couple more things to it, we've put together a few of our favorite recipes that might help inspire you as you plan. :) 

My family is planning to have turkey and gravy, my sisters amazing cranberry salad, stuffing, whipped potatoes, salad, and sweet potato. We still have to work out what we'll have for dessert.

This Easter will be extra special for my (Liz's) family. It is of course always special because it is when family can come together to celebrate Christ rising from the grave, which is one of the most important and extraordinary times in History that we can celebrate. Without Him dying on the cross and rising from the grave, we could not have the truly amazing gift of salvation. Easter is always special, but I think it'll be even more memorable this year, since for the first time in my life on Easter, all of my extended family on my mom's side is going to be together! I'm really looking forward to the special memories that'll be made, as well as enjoying all the wonderful food & fellowship. 

So, shall we get to it? Here's 10 Easter Recipe Ideas. Enjoy!

This is my favorite bundt cake evah! It's moist, fresh, and delicious. The apples, pecans, nutmeg, and cinnamon is what makes this so good. But, what makes is really good is the topping we put over it. It gives a sweet, caramely taste that you'll love!

This salad has got to be one of my top favorites! It leaves you feeling fresh and satisfied. This is the salad where all these amazing flavors come together in one dish and make something spectacular.

This is the most splendid, refreshing drink as we come into Springtime. And it's sugar free! The honey sweetener gives just the slightest taste as you sip on this delicious lemonade, making it the perfect drink.

This is a slightly unique pumpkin pie - it's sweetened with honey instead of sugar which adds a great taste and provides a healthy dessert choice. It has a delicious light and flaky crust that keeps you coming back for more!

This has my favorite vegetables all in one salad! It's packed full of nutrition, and it is sooo yummy! Everyone will love this salad. :)

When you hear zucchini in the same sentence as brownies, you might be a bit skeptical. I know I was when I tried these, but I assure you, these are incredible. They're so moist and you'd never guess that they were gluten free. I think this is the perfect brownie to go with your Easter meal!

This healthy Apple Crisp is creamy, rich, and soooo delicious. And yes, this is vegan, sugar free, and gluten free! You can have an incredible dessert and a healthy dessert all in one!

7 Minute Chocolate Chip Muffins {Sugar Free}

Yes, guys, I'm serious when I say that these delicious muffins only take 7 minutes!! I've used this recipe for quite a few years now, and I love it. And I think you will, too!

As it says in the name, this is classic. A creamy dressing over romaine lettuce topped with seasoned croutons and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese is the perfect crowd please-r!

These are my absolute favorite dinner rolls! They're simply heavenly. They have the flavor that you can only attain from fresh bread, and I guarantee you'll love'em!

Red Pepper Hummus {Vegan, Sugar Free, & Gluten Free}

This is the perfect dip for corn chips or vegetables. Everyone will love it, and won't stop dipping!

These moist bars are LOADED with chocolate, and the peanut butter adds a great dimension to the bar. Everyone will love them!

We'd love to hear what you're planning to have for your Easter meal, along with any special Easter traditions your family has!

Liz & Sarah

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